Balangay Stave Bowl


A commanding character that comes with its robust structure. Adorned with the daloy "lichtenberg" pattern, the Balangay is an ode to Filipino craftsmanship and seamanship. The Balangay is a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition stave bowl.

The Balangay Stave Bowl is part of the Daloy Collection. Daloy is inspired by complex river systems and their fractal patterns. It also translates to the flow of electricity. The Daloy Serving Board was created through manipulation of currents which explains its organic patterns.

Shipping lead time for items on hand is 3 days. 

Product Specification

- Material: Sustainably farmed jointed Big-Leaf Mahogany wood finished with beeswax and extra virgin olive oil
- Sizes
SMALL - 14" diameter x 4.5" thickness
BIG - 16" diameter x 4.5" thickness
- Care: Wash and dry completely. Moisturize with extra virgin olive oil occasionally. Do not soak in water. Do not store in a dark and damp place.
- Packaging: Does not come with box.


The Balangay Stave Bowl is a limited-edition item, so we only have a few pieces of this. Send us an email at if you are interested to order more.

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