MARSSE Tropical Timber Plantations

We are tree farmers.
We are committed to developing tree plantations that ensure a future where the need for wood is met in harmony with nature.

Since 1992, our family-owned and operated tree farm, MARSSE Tropical Timber, has been practicing sustainable methods of tree farming that ensure a regular yield of authentic kiln-dried timber and processed wood products.

Our advocacy is to support the sustainability of our country’s wood resource by offering tree farming knowledge transfer services through our Sustainable Tree Farming Seminar and consulting services to farmers and community members.

We work to:


Preserve the renewable hardwood resource in the Philippines by continuously developing their barren land into managed tree plantations.

MARSSE Tropical Timber is a registered tree plantation at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and thus we are institutionally recognized. We have been awarded by the DENR with the Likas Yaman (Natural Resources) Award for Most Outstanding Individual Initiative in Environmental Protection (2011), and Most Outstanding Individual Initiative in Ecological and Environmental Enhancement (2003).

Plant and shovel

Provide local job opportunities, and skills training on tree farming and wood manufacturing within the tree plantations. Plantation workers are from the immediate town communities.

MARSSE Tropical Timber works with the rice farmers of Umingan, Pangasinan. Working at the tree farm and wood workshop provides the rice farmers not only with income the entire year, but also new farming and technical and vocational skills. MARSSE Tropical Timber was recognized as a finalist in the 2018 Best SETUP Adopter in Region I by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Plant on hand

Advocate sustainable tree farming and conscious wood consumption by conducting their Sustainable Tree Farming Seminars, and co-founding of the Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines to educate and support farmers and land owners.

MARSSE Tropical Timber holds annual Sustainable Tree Farming Seminars from February to May. The Sustainable Tree Farming Seminar is for anyone who has an existing Timber Tree Farm, or is planning to start their own sustainable enterprise and would like a private consultation. Learn more about Land Preparation, Nursery Establishment, Plantation Management, Harvesting Operations, and Permit Applications. The seminar includes a guided walking tour of the MARSSE tree farm, and live demonstrations of sustainable forestry activities and techniques. Email for more information.

MARSSE Tropical Timber is also founding member of the Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines whose vision is to have a developed tree farming industry in the Philippines, and to promote fair prices in the local tree farming industry.

Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines

Contribute to the health and ecological balance in the region and in the world. Existing vegetation and wildlife within the plantation is protected to maintain and nurture the eco-diversity of the environment.

MARSSE Tropical Timber was identified as a pilot site--by The Forest Foundation of the Philippines, with the Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines as an implementing partner--for a native tree farm nursery, aimed at testing the viability of supplying native tree seedlings for commercial tree farming. The success of the pilot project will mean implementation in other areas across the country. In line with this, the above 3 entities also aim to lobby to make amendments to existing laws to make native tree farming viable.

The Forest Foundation of the Philippines