Sustainably Made

From our tree farm to your home.

We create with the intention that our products will yield intimate and meaningful moments with families and friends. Our tree farm is our home, and SustainablyMade®'s woodwork is an extension of our home - from ours to yours.

The processed wooden products of MARSSE Tropical Timber is branded as SustainablyMade®. We produce premium kitchenware, home accessories, and bespoke furniture. We pride ourself in the quality of our products. Each piece is kiln-dried to help protect the wood from weather and temperature changes and parasitic attacks. They are then milled and sanded down very finely, every item is buffed and wiped by hand. All materials used for the for-food items only use natural finishing and no harmful chemicals. SustainablyMade® product are built to last for a long time.



SustainablyMade® is a brand of wooden products made from sustainably farmed premium Honduras Mahogany, Teak, Gmelina or other hardwood trees from the MARSSE Tropical Timber tree farm in Umingan, Pangasinan, Philippines. The wood’s natural cut, color, grain, and knots makes each product one-of-a-kind.



SustainablyMade® means that these wooden products are made from trees grown in a sustainable tree farm, and not from natural growth trees from our already diminishing natural forests. Our products are fashioned from branches, trunks, stumps, and roots so that NO WOOD IS WASTED at the tree farm. We harvest on an as-needed basis because we strongly believe that live standing trees are more beneficial to the environment than dead logs stored in a warehouse.



Aside from sustainability, we also practice an entrepreneurial model that is ethical, community-based, and driven by an environmental advocacy. Each wooden product is crafted, sanded, and finished by local rice farmers—from around the sustainable tree farm barangay communities--who were given wood working skills training and employment at our SustainablyMade® tree farm workshop. By choosing to buy SustainablyMade®, you choose to create a positive impact.